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Having a web presence doesn't have to be expensive.

Custom Web Site Design

The Internet is the most powerful way to get your message to your customers or prospective customers. With your own web site, you can sell your products and services either by having your own ecommerce web site or advertising through a standard website.  If you are interested in a custom built web site designed around your needs, we can help.  And if you already have a web presence and would like to remodel it, we can help you with that too.  Your web presence will be designed with you involved.  We don't just build a site and expect you to accept what we give you.  We take your input and put that idea into our designs.  Many web designers have a certain style and all of their web sites look very similar.  We have been told that none of our websites look alike.  We are proud of that.

We don't claim to be search engine specialists and don't believe anyone can. But nearly every one of the web sites we have built rank very high in the search engines. Search engines are constantly changing how they rank and index web sites. This is something that we as designers must keep in mind and stay on top of. Simply going to school and then claiming to be a search engine specialist is not how it works. Learning the new techniques of search engine ranking and indexing is a continuing process and with that in mind, we are always in class learning these techniques. We work very hard to get your web site ranked high in the search engines. It benefits both of us. Your customers get to see what your website offers and somebody looking to have a web site built for them may see your website and they can see what we can do. When you win, we win.

What can we do for you?

1. Multi-color graphic design
2. Web design
3. Domain registration
4. Search engine submission
5. Ecommerce solutions
6. Catalogue sites
7. Client web based administration and maintenance
8. Full consultation of current and future requirements
9. Web hosting and email accounts
10. And much, much more

Our user friendly Control Panel gives you more flexibility to maintain your own web site. For those that have some understanding, this may be of interest to them. We will gladly help you with any of the scripts that are available in some of our hosting plans.

E-Commerce Web Site

People already know what they are interested in buying before they find your web site. They will use search engines to find the products they want and will get a listing of many web sites that offer these products to them. More important then price is how easy is it to find the product they are looking for on a web site and then, how trustworthy is the person or persons they are about to do business with. Price is ranked number 3 among their priorities.


Web hosting and domain name costs vary dependent upon your needs.


Until you are happy, we are not happy.  We will make minor modifications to web site templates created by us for 90 days.  Content is supplied by the client so please undertand that we can not completely change your content for nothing. We will gladly make minor changes knowing that sometimes, what looks good on paper, may not look good on the web.

Getting your web presence

The following procedures are followed so that both our clients and NEWASH have a complete understanding of what is needed and how much it will cost. Any changes during production of a web site must be made in writing so mistakes are not made.

You can supply logos, graphics and content to us either on a PC formatted floppy disk, or CD. We can scan up to five (5) web optimized images from photographs or artwork at no extra cost. After that, a small fee will apply for each scanned image after five.

NOTE: You do need suitable hosting for your web site and domain. If you already have a web host, please let us know so that we can make certain that all scripts and programming are compatible with their system. We do have hosting plans available if you need a web host.

Maintenance and repairs

If the answer is 'yes' to any of the questions above, we can help you. Our minimum charge for web site maintenance is only $25.00. Please contact us for details.

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